Providing oil & gas industry leading consulting services and support for your company to develop its business by increasing transparency, control level and operational excellence, and improving its risk culture.

Keypoints overview

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About DHWS

Solutions. Defined, designed and Delivered

Our partnership provides you with a team of experienced consultants with specific skills in risk analysis, evaluation and management, dedicated to providing clients with strategic advice and innovative solutions in risk management insurance.

In addition, our software tools are designed to contain both Risk Assessment and Risk Management factors.

100% Industry Certified Globally Trusted by industry standards

Exprerience is the key

Every project has the support of competent personnel, such as oil & gas university teachers, field engineers and junior engineers.

Risk Assessment & Management
Our partners
Our partnerships


Downhole Wellsolutions is certified and trusted by worldwide industry leading authorities: Agentia Nationala pentru Resurse Minerale (ANRM), the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), International Well Control Forum (IWCF).

We have a close collaboration and enjoy the trust of our global partners, Vienna Insurance Group, Transpac Managers Inc. for Downhole Tool Insurance and the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Our Process

Audit & Review the actual RISK & CONTROL

DHWS wishes to become a recognizable Third-Party Partner able to certificate the quality for the oil and gas well operations.

With each project, our mission is running operations in maximum safety into the costs budgeted carefully, in order to maintain the friendly environmental attributes.

Initial research & evaluation

Activities: pre-work / kick-off / field visit - interviews / wrap-up / evaluation / formalization and reporting.

Deliverables: Overview report with actual stage, gaps, maturity and recommendations.

Business impact and scenario analysis

  • Regular scenario developments and testing
  • Technical assessment
  • Organizational assessment (ISO 27001)
  • Strategy design (aligned with additional services
  • Impact assessment

Monitoring and additional services

  • Training & awareness programs
  • Development of Key Risk Indicators (KRI) database
  • Credit risk consulting
  • Project risk management
  • Antifraud framework / policies and procedures review (internal & external) / forensics
  • Human resources risks
  • Risk outsourcing.

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